Open Letter to Pawan Kalyan by Mega fan

I have been hearing lot of buzz about your entry in to the political arena since your speech during the Atharinitiki Daredi Success meet. As an ardent and proud follower of Mega family, Mega family is the only family in the entire Telugu film industry with diversity (multiple castes under one) to my knowledge. I sincerely wish you come into the Modern politics of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana and make the kind of Impact you have created for the last 18 years in the Telugu cinema as a strong representative of the Telugu People. I have admired your strong will power and great attitude.

Why we need Pawan Kalyan: As far I know there is no best example than Pawan Kalyan. As we all know that, you had a great roller coaster ride in the 18 years of your film career. You started with 7 continuous hits followed by 9 disasters and then followed by 2 block busters. 
So, you know how life changes from one movie to the other. But, I have seen you stand by your guts, dedication and strong positive attitudes and hope towards the future...You/We always believe in "There is a light at the end of the tunnel"...I have never seen you lose your character even when the whole world against you.

I have read my elementary schools "Rome was not built in a Day", "the Devas and Asuras worked for a millennium to churn the Ocean and release the Amrita". 

ISRO had lot of failures before they became Pioneers in Space exploration, Megastar Chiranjeevi garu took 30+ years to establish himself as Mega star of Telugu film Industry.
So, what do all of the above have in common? Clear Vision and the Strong desire and determination to achieve it. They all have Process / Plan and a "Great Team" along with "Strong Determination".

Current Scenario in Andhra Pradesh: There has been a lot of uncertainty in the last 2+ years and No assurance towards the future of Telugu people. Most Current Telugu politicians lack Unity, Not Service minded nature... Always look for their pocket and their future than the Future of Telugu people. They change parties for the sake of their future and to survive in next elections without any agenda or service motto because there is no accountability for them. We need strong personality with the following skills to fill the gap in current scenario
1. Strong Mission or Goal or Understand the current gaps with strong Service mind

2. Great Passion (Process or Plan ) towards filling the Gaps or Reach the Goal (This may take a day or month or years or decade)
3. We need very very strong determination as young kid in our house (Kids they never change their mind even if they get anything other than what they need) 
4. Focused Team in reaching the mission

Learn from Others: If you ever come to politics, please make sure your review the success and mistakes of other parties and other leaders and see how you can overcome those mistakes...Never ever take Jumping Jacks from Other parties. Please don't fall or be a victim of Bajana batch... Never play the safe (shortcuts) game to reach the other bank (Always multiple ways to reach the other bank.
1. Follow the flow water by waves goes against you - This is the path our so called Politician's do all the time.
2. Have your plan in place and go with you plan - What a true leader follows). 
I am sure you know which way to go...One more thing you can consider is that always start your party and built it...rather join in an existing party. 

So, Pawan Kalyan garu...I strongly believe that you have all the above capabilities and you will be one of the best fit to fill the current gap in our states. I have a strong desire and believe that you will come into our lives and serve us for a better tomorrow. Jai Hind.

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