Telugu Movie review - Avunu

Cineforest Rating: 3/5

Movie: Avunu

Punchline: Avunu – It’s a thriller

Release date : 21st Sept 2012

Producer, Written & Directed By: Ravi Babu

Presents: Suresh Productions & PVP

ScreenPlay: Satyanand

Art: Narayana Reddy

Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh

Dialogues: Nivas

Cinematography: N Sudhakar Reddy

MusicL Sekhar Chandra

Casting: Harsha Vardhan Rane, Poorna, Ravi Babu, Chalapati Rao, Delhi Rajeswari, Jeeva, etc.,

Banner: A Flying Frogs Production

Genre: Thriller/Horror



Mohini (Poorna) moves to a remote township along with her husband (Harsha Vardhan Rane). She starts feeling weird at times and over a period of time she realizes there is a spirit in the house that is trying to have voyeuristic pleasure. The spirit has the ability to move the mass. The rest of the story is all about how Mohini fights the spirit.

Artists Performance:

Poorna is very effective as a housewife who is terrified. Harshavardhan Rane is good as a techie husband who doesn’t sympathies with wife. Chalapati Rao and Rajeswari provide some entertainment. Gayatri Bhargavi did the role of a housewife. The kid who did the role of a gifted child is interesting. Ravi Babu did a small role of a cop.

Technical department

Story - screenplay - direction: Story of the film is simple. It is about a spirit that can move mass which is trying to abuse a housewife. But what differentiated this thriller from regular horror films is that Ravi Babu has used simple yet effective techniques make the film story/scenes easy to understand and comprehend. The husband in the film uses sensors in his new house so that all the electric-running appliances will automatically on/off by sensing moving object. There by Ravi Babu cleverly used sensor-driven lights to tell us and the characters in film about the movements of spirit. He has also used a small kid character who has the unique ability of communicating with spirits (like the ones we see in Shining and 6th Sense). He has also justified the kids ability of seeing thing that adult doesn’t see by using a psychiatrist and the character of Sudha. Satyanand has followed structured screenplay by revealing one by one.

Other departments:

Ravi Babu’s primary qualification has been cinematography before becoming a director. That’s reason why you find cinematography being different and good in all his films. He has done two experiments with cinematography. These two techniques are a taboo when it comes to thrillers as they reduce the chilling effect. One is using static camera for the entire film. And the second one is brightly lit house even during the night. Thereby he tried not terrorizing the audiences with routine scary/spooky effects. Cinematography by N Sudhakar Reddy is pretty good. Music by Sekhar Chandra complements the theme. Dialogues by Nivas are neat. Graphics work is perfect. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is fine. Art direction by Narayana Reddy is natural. The producers have allowed enough freedom to Ravi Babu in allowing him to make the film the way he imagined.


Telugu film lovers are driven by drama and intensity in this genre. Ravi Babu is a kind of director who directs films within his sensibilities. Avunu is such a kind of thriller where the fear factor and drama aren’t Indianized. I am personally not a fan of horror genre and I am of opinion that why should I spend money to get spooked. Hence I am not the right person to judge a film that is not driven by drama and intensity. If you like film of horror/thriller genre, you may watch it for its sensibilities and different filmmaking techniques. 

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